Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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GASR: Survival of the Fittest

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Artist: GASR (@)
Title: Survival of the Fittest
Format: CD
Label: Nilaihah (@)
Rated: *****
GASR is Gary Suarez (vocals/programming), Luis Brito (programming/production), and Jim Ankrom (live keyboards). Survival of the Fittest, GASR’s debut effort is a beautifully structured album that is not only emotionally and mentally captivating but also a fresh addition to stagnating dance floor playlists everywhere.

GASR’s Survival of the Fittest is a complex and thoughtful release, visiting familiar EBM and synthpop staples ranging from Neuroticfish to Bigod 20 (leaving nothing untouched between) and taking the combinations to newer and higher grounds. Suarez’s vocals and lyrics switch between intimate and fragile to a darker, accusing tone. The keys/programming, however; are GASR’s real strength. While Suarez’s vocals require a few listens to really enjoy, the programming stands out within seconds.

While I’ll admit I was not instantly carried away by Survival of the Fittest, after a few listens I was completely engrossed. It amazes me the quality and effort this trio has managed to put into just their first release, and I can only hope they continue in this trend.


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