Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: ROTERSAND (@)
Title: Welcome to Goodbye
Format: CD
Label: Dependent / Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!, Metropolis Records
Rated: *****

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I have still the well done appetizer "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" in my ears but now this talented German act is ready to release their first full length release on their new label Dependent. "Published by stark-n/BMG UFA/Warner Chappell", so I can read on the backside, "The definitively best Electro album of the year" or "10 out of 10 points" are the praising words of two leading German print magazines, which stab in my eyes on a sticker on the front side. So it must be any good, right? Better asked: How can I have doubts?
Well, I have now listened this album 10 to 20 times and I still don’t get what it makes that outstanding that so-called "experts" do make such ridiculous ratings. This release is a classical example of how a band fails to fulfill too big expectations. ROTERSAND are producing Electro-, Synth- or Futurepop music with some stylish acceptable ingredients. There is an unavoidable VNV-inspiring syndrome on this whole album, but only at a very few times this band is able to play in the same league. First main flaw is the turn out bad track list producing nothing else than boredom from track 1 to 5. Track 6, "By the Waters" is more calm, features a nice acoustic guitar, and the melodic content co-operates much better with the vocals and the globally mood. The already mentioned "Exterminate..." is still present here and I get slowly the idea that this album gets better and better on the latter placed tracks. Right, so it is and ROTERSAND can finally pay back some credit of the high expectations with the calm melodic last two tracks "All in All" and moreover "Angels Falling". They have definitively their best moments when they leave their rich studio/producer abilities to concentrate on the essential part, the composition and the perfect collaboration to the music itself. Against to this I like their strong studio abilities they have had proven with mastering works for bands like [:SITD:] or PAINBASTARD. But to produce sounds simply taken out of unadorned Tekkno-inspired productions and to bow them like a Tekkno-DJ on his turntables (very bad examples: "Dare to Live" or "Storm") is without claim or innovation. Also to swim hard along the VNV NATION success formula is a point which this band should avoid on future releases. It is for sure easier to be a good copy then to create something individual, but I hope that they have enough inspiration not to repeat this mistake. ROTERSAND suggest here their talent but they do not reach complete originality. There is enough space to develop, so let’s start here!


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