Saturday, June 6, 2020
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REGAN: Sellisternia

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Artist: REGAN
Title: Sellisternia
Format: CD
Label: High Priestess (@)
Distributor: Projekt, CD Baby, CD Street, etc.
SELLISTERNIA ("Feast for the Goddess") is the first release of a girl who fell in love with techno rhythms, gothic atmospheres and medieval singing style: this girl is called Regan. The reasons of this musical blend is because the past musical experiences Regan had: she studied classical music since the early ages but in 1993 when she left Boston to move to L.A. she started to link with people of the DJing and goth scene. This brought her to strengthen her interest about electronic, industrial and gothic music. SELLISTERNIA is like divided into two different parts: the first five tracks (along with the last one "Airetaina") are more influenced by classical music, medieval melodies and fairy voices (part which is boring for my tastes). The following six are more intestesting as they mix jazz, ambient, techno and goth with 50's style vocals. Even if this music isn't my cup of tea I found this CD interesting because of the variety of musical ideas but if you love these kind of sounds for sure you'll find it more than interesting.