Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Archiv 1.1
Format: CD
Label: Raster-Noton / Asphodel (@)
Distributor: Asphodel
Rated: *****
Originally created in 1999 from the merger of electronic music labels Raster Music and Noton.Archiv für Ton und Nichtton (which is german for 'Noton Archive for Sound and Non-Sound'), Raster-Noton is a collaborative label effort by East German artists Frank Bretschneider (Byetone) & Olaf Bender (Komet), who founded Rastermusic in 1996, and Carsten Nicolai (alva.noto), founder of Noton.Archive, which also branded the idea of the cd magazine. "Archiv 1.1" was originally created for the Wire's December 2003 issue but also represents Raster-Noton's first copilation to be released in the US, licensed by Asphodel and scheduled for the end of July. It portrays the work minimal glitch electronics and experimental music artists including Signal, O, Senking, Byetone, Komet, Boghossian, Modul, Lima, Cyclo (which is Casten Nicolai's collaboration project with well known Ikeda), M.Akiyama, Pixel, Noto and W.Basinski. The album is well balanced and very interesting. It neve gets too noisy or too boring and displays a good range of creativity and sonics, even though it maintains a pretty uniform sound palette throughout the fifteen tracks.


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