Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: PUNCK
Title: A movie without images
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: ctraltcanc records (@)
Distributor: S'Agita, and-OAR
Rated: *****
Adriano Zanni/Punck's "Mu" cdr (2002) has been one of the most impressive works to come out of the Italian electronic underground over the last few years, mixing menacing digital cuts and a sense of urgency and ongoing catastrophe which I could only label as "political", in the best sense of the word. Something like Ikeda or Pan Sonic during Italian "lead years" or an anti-war demo. While eagerly waiting for his new full-length, due out soon on AFE/S'Agita, we can now enjoy this experimental ep, properly titled "A movie without images" - indeed, it's a sort of cinematic trip, less monolithic and sombre than his previous release or gut-wrenching live sets. Recorded using "laptop, objects, field recordings, contact mics, samples", the 3" cdr opens with a metallic scraping, reminding me of Loren Chasse, Steve Roden or fellow performers Logoplasm - then mysteryous vocal samples (from films, I suppose) are added, before a pulsing, industrial-ambient tinged drone rises, ominously closing the piece with dripping water and - in a circular way - the initial sequence of scrapings and vocals. Well-constructed and conveying a sense of anxiety which must be some kind of trademark of Punck's - only a bit more latent or esoteric, this time.


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