Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: Hollydrift (@)
Title: Waiting for the Tiller
Format: CD
Label: Parasomnic records (@)
Rated: *****
Wisconsin based analog noister Mathias Anderson creates his own brand of experimental noise with the use of tape recorders and signal receivers, and his music makes a "non-confrontational" (as he puts it, in a very politically correct way) statement that reflects the choice tools in his tool box. The choice of material and the choice of gear to elaborate such material, show the very characteristic peculiarity that his production has: a taste for the old, an attachment to some sort of roots, a fascination with what is gone. His dark retro approach is based primarily on field recordings and caputred sounds from different sources (I'd assume old films are in that list), so in other words, at least its not just yet another pointless noise-maker that hides behind the easy and broad classification of "experimental", Mathias Anderson seems to have a goal. I am not sure what this might be, but his scope finds a personality in the selection of his sound palette's colors and moods to evoke. Not easy listening and frightening on some level, but also relaxing and memory-evoking in some other very twisted way.


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