Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: no Xicic (@)
Title: Uneksija
Format: CD
Label: Onyxia (@)
Distributor: Onyxia Mailorder
Rated: *****
After a CD-R, an EP, a 7" EP on Drone records and a 3" CD-R spanning from 1999 to 2004, Finnish artist and pharmacist (that is some combination, can you imagine what he would have done in the seventies?) Henkka Kylloenen, a.k.a. no Xivic, takes the big leap to the full lenght CD format with "Uneksija", featuring eight tracks of creepy and unearthy dark-ambient music. Even though it starts out with an only somewhat disquieting uncanny piano improvisation over voices and drones, it soon steps into a much scarier place, where eerie layers of sounds create hollow, wide, cold and aphotic atmospheres made of slowly breathing atramentous noises that sound as if they were alive and sore creatures waiting to enter your gloomy nightmares and soar around the most ill-lighted parts of your mind. Your state of mind will be affected by these tunes, enhancing its nebulous and tenebrous sides for over seventy minutes, so be ready for it.PS Check out the cool paintings of the art work of this CD by Samuli Kontio as well as the nice and impressive industrial-inspired website of his record label Onyxia.


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