Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: FEAR OF DOLLS (@)
Title: Bless This Broken Body
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Self Released
Fear Of Dolls is basically a Greg Forschler's project (which is also a member of Faith & Disease and former member of Ninth Circle) born in 1995, which basically gathers around him different artists' personalities (in fact actually he's seeking for new members). Some years ago I reviewed what I think it was their first demo tape and I remember that it impressed me because it was going beyond the classic concept of gothic music. Also this new MCD titled BLESS THIS BROKEN BODY shows a band which want to make of experimentation its aim. Even if the music is quite different, their approach remember me Virgin Prunes with their sick ballads and twisted marches. The three tracks of this MCD (plus the hidden intro and outro) are personal and sick as hell. "Screaming Inside Her", "Bless This Broken Body" and "She Was Laughing" are like tortured souls' screams which are echoing inside doubting beings. Keep on doubting and on experimenting and there will always be an interesting band worth the following...


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