Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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IN THE NURSERY: Cause And Effect

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Title: Cause And Effect
Format: CD
Label: ITN Corp
Distributor: Audioglobe
In all these years In The Nursery have been an unique band in the electronic/alternative scene and each project has been particular, for this I'm sorry to say that I don't really understand this CAUSE AND EFFECT. In my opinion a peculiar band like In The Nursery didn't need this remix project to get exposure and the remixers didn't do something really innovative because almost all of them used similar sounds the band is used to use only with the addition of a little more electronic instruments. Only Steve Bennet which did a sensual trip hop version of "Miracle Road", Assemblage 23 which gave an e.b.m. treatment to "Hym Noir", Attrition which by surprise build out of "To The Faithful" a techno ambient track, Haujobb which industrialized a little "L'Esprit" just like Electronium did with "Chronicle", did something a bit different respect the original versions even if some of them aren't really catchy. The most innovative has been Seize which did a industrial/goa version of "Caprice". Also the version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" played by the band itself isn't that catchy because is well played, well arranged but it lacks of energy. I'm sorry to say this but this CD isn't a must in the band's discography...


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