Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Tom Eaton (@)
Title: How It Happened
Format: CD
Label: Spotted Peccary (@)
Rated: *****
Tom Eaton’s day job is “studio engineer,” working with Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, so one would expect that he has a good ear for sound. According to the label, “How It Happened is a love letter of sorts, or more accurately a musical expression about love in which Eaton reflects on his own deeply personal and sentimental experiences, inspired by the various ways in which love has impacted his life.” Sounds good, so let’s get into it.

When writing reviews, I like to think of one word that describes the music, kind of like an extreme elevator pitch. For this album, that word would be “delicate.” The tracks are peaceful and intricately put together. Soothing pads lay the groundwork for lilting synth and piano lines. This would be right at home in a soundtrack full of sentimental memories. If you are trying to evoke a mood, this would be one to reach for. This album weighs in at around 70 minutes.


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