Saturday, September 19, 2020
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D Tiberio: Jeffy Just Needs A Hug

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Artist: D Tiberio
Title: Jeffy Just Needs A Hug
Format: 7"
Label: Timetable Records
Jeffy Just Needs A Hug and “Honey” are a pair of short, gently glitchy electronica tracks from LA-born producer D Tiberio. The kind-hearted sentiment and warmth of the title (borrowed from an unexpectedly introspective graffiti tag found in D Tiberio’s neighbourhood) can be sensed as a thread in the tracks, but there’s also a certain coldness here- icy crisp melodic bits and pieces on top, stammering over curt, pinched and complex kick patterns. Cut-up vocal sounds are the real character at play, and while there’s no outright melody that would make either track a crossover, the energy levels and slight cuteness are rather endearing.

It’s a very short snippet, but it feels self-contained rather than just a tease for a longer work- a short little postcard of friendliness in a musical genre (and an outside world) that’s been tending towards the bleak and isolationist recently.


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