Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Cousin Silas and the Glove Of Bones
Title: Kafou in Avalonia
Format: Tape & Digital Download
Label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

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This is already the fourth ambient dub collision of Cousin Silas (Guitar, Keyboards, Ambience) and The Glove Of Bones (Beats, Samples, etc.). They teamed up at first in 2016 and since have nearly annually released an album worth of near unique and original material besides their own solo works.
This one is heavy underlaid with a concept to fit art and music: "Kafou In Avalonia imagines a world where the landmass if Avalonia (an early microcontinent which got torn apart) remained connected and civilisation took a more integrated path." Well. Kafou is a manifestation of Papa Legba, of the Hawaiian Pantheon of Voodoo Loas. Legba facilitates communication, speech, and understanding. Today the parts of Avalonia are spread between England, Wales, Northern Europe and the eastern coast of North America (….).

So. Many thoughts and time have been finding the way into this album, visually implanted in black and white voodoo associated graphics for each track and the limited edition tape version including gris-gris charms, wax sealed and covered in a Juju bag.

Musicwise the African chanting, the solid rhythms and the carefully arranged loops, samples and noises work as one continued maelstrom, permanently evolving and mutating. A continuation but also a development of their last album with a storyline and a structure feat. shorter interludes ('Rituals') to underline the impressions and moods. Still this soundscapes takes no prisoners, it’s brooding and melting heavy psychedelic Dub. If a reference is needed - it can be reminiscent of African Head Charge at their heights while adding the spiritual freedom of The Grateful Dead.

Stand out tracks include the utterly rhythmic 'Segue Drum Ritual' and the equally powerful 'Xangô Marchin', the long-form tracks 'Oxalá of the White Sky' and 'Nzambi Meridian' and the final track‚ 'Ezili Dantor Awake' which features prominent psychedelic spaghetti –western desert island guitar work which rounds this off perfectly.

Mastered by the label’s owner himself there has no effort been avoided to make this as good as it can be, playing this loud works equally well as per headphones. A diverse experience with a coherent flow which allows the listener to keep aware and not getting lost or distracted.

Escapism would be something different, this is mere a step in an alternative Universe.



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