Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Flug 8: Electric Field

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Artist: Flug 8
Title: Electric Field
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ransom Note Records
After previous releases powered by a more driving techno, Flug 8’s Electric Field album is described as the sound of a rocket which, after the drama of planetary escape, is now floating or orbiting more contentedly in space. Here are eight gentle electronica pieces, averaging around five minutes each without any of them being in a real hurry to go anywhere.

After the particularly floaty opener of “Night Field”, “Arc To Time” sets up the main form for the release, which is built from various layered and looping melodic patterns. Four-chord patterns roll round and round, with sparse synth notes, twinkly decorative sounds and calm, long pads. There’s generally a lot of space at the low end, but at times these structures share so much in common with old-style trance and electronica that it feels like a clubbier remix of these tracks could be done as simply as just sticking some kick drums underneath. Drums do appear later on in “Side Bands”, giving a gentle sense of purpose rather than real industry.

Inbetween are situated some more ambient and sombre moments, such as the structureless atmospherics of sci-fi “Bubble Cell”, the nicely plaintive and hollow-sounding “Effective Height”, or the slightly more sinister and robotic elements in “Polarizing”. The weird raspy noises in final piece “Cosmic Noise” are the only point where this set-up feels truly unusual.

It’s space music with its foot firmly off the gas, laden with reverb and for the most part extremely calm and picturesque. It lacks distinctive production touches or melodies that would really elevate it into the musical stratosphere, but it’s a nicely beautiful short electronica album for sure.


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