Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Simon Crab
Title: Kodokushi
Format: 10"
Label: Notte Brigante
Distributor: Crevette Records

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Simon Crab is one of the artists I followed always with interest and excitement through the years since I stumbled upon the first Bourbonese Qualk LP which opened my ears in many directions at once. Stylistically never easy to pin down but with a straightforward diy attitude, running own labels, squatting in the early days, experiencing life behind the iron curtain as band, new software the whole lot is not for the narrow minded.
Since BoQu disbanded in 2002 he released one ambient / field recording album with Sunseastar and two under his own name, the latest more electronically orientated on Klanggalerie in 2018.

But singles are pretty rare in his whole history so I was curious when this limited edition 10" on a tiny independent label from Lyon was announced. All the aesthetics of early independent DIY releases are here again in 2020 - no artwork besides the label images, no cover - just a plain black inner-sleeve to fit in a blank one, sparse information and no distractions.

"Kodokushi" is actually a Japanese word for lonely deaths that occur so lonely that the people remain undiscovered for a long time. At first a strange title for a peaceful 4 Min. 11 seconds track, slow beats, dripping sounds, calm atmospheric sounds and echos. While there is no specific tenison build-up it has enough movement to keep one wondering why it's not a few minutes longer.
The close to 8 Min. remix on the b-side by Tolouse Low Trax (actually Detlef Weinrich from Kreidler) is a tribal
dub workout, missing musically the distanced clarity of the original and placing the whole track in the swamps of Babylon. Distant voices lost in the dystopian somewhere.

This is a release which gains with each listening and found me returning to quite often during the last months as it slips perfect between other releases both as a break and a bridge.



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