Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Protovulcan
Title: Psychic Pinball
Format: Tape
Label: Toy Moon
Rated: *****
I generally review noise and dark ambient, but I think that the fact that I actually own a tape player meant that this got thrown into my pile. So with that disclosure out of the way, let's drop a quarter and see if we get a match on the psychic pinball machine. Turns out, I have already reviewed an album by one of the band members (Will MacLean) called Ice Cream Mission to Mars, which I enjoyed. This is different, but every bit as strange. This is some serious garage weirdness. Heavily processed vocals with drums (as a fellow drummer, I appreciate that they are using actual analog drums and not a drum machine) and more Moog than you can shake a stick at. Imagine if your favorite acid rock / prog band got together and decided to smoke a ton of weed, set up a boom box to record it all, and then jam while running all of the vocals through a vocoder. Oh, and they forgot the guitars, but there were a bunch of analogue synths that they could mess with. The music is pretty good through, partly because it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and you can tell that they are having a great time. Not typically what I would reach for, but it's a lot of fun and I would totally check these guys out live. Looks like the game is over now, but we hit the match and now it’s time for free play….



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