Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: Selfimperfectionist
Title: Life In Square Brackets
Format: Tape & Digital Download

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Giorgio Pilon from Torino is the Selfimperfectionist. As such he released and performed since 2012 some singles and a few EP’s besides his debut album with remix album. Looking at this it’s obvious he is an artist who takes his time until he is satisfied with the results and puts great care into each. These singles show his musical ways from Ambient, Downtempo IDM, minimal electro up to his 2017 work ‘Sehnsucht’ which boarders into electro house territory and its DsorDNE Remix.
His latest work finds more and more also a physical manifestation again as does ‘Life In Square Brackets’ which is also issued as limited Cassette with an exclusive bonus track.

The well defined production and mastering by Marco Milanesio / DsorDNE gives this release more edges compared to his earlier works but without harming the various mood shifts and the flow.
This modern ambient electronica works, recorded between late 2017 and May 2019, do use dreamy sounds to create a mood of neo-romanticism but not escapism, especially on the opening track “Purple Wheeze” but also in the longest pieces “Ocean Lines” and “First Check”.
In “Lost And Shattered” they are combined with a dubby minimal techno rhythm to great effect as in the surprisingly groovy sequencer driven “Lichen”.
The center piece “Balance Increase” combines both with dreamy sequencing and a solid rhythm which leads one into a rare state of dynamic melancholy but the outro “Berlin (The Wait)” finally implodes it all – shattered voices, no connection on telephone lines, unfocused sounds to display the daily confusion we all have to handle.

This album is a multi-facetted whole of self-contained creativity which is a pleasure to listen to (sound- and music-wise).



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