Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: Bouzidi
Title: Lazy Monday
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Tanzgemeinschaft
Lazy Monday befits its title for the most part, with the title track of this digital EP rolling out a steady synth house groove that takes a very relaxed, walking-pace attitude to life with its staccato synths and slow builds. What’s interesting, eventually, is that it manages to get somewhere in the end, bringing in melodic elements that start playing against each other in quite complex and unexpected ways that bring life into a track that starts out feeling like it may have nothing along those lines to offer.

B-side “Eve Master” has a more urgent percussion base, and slightly more freneticism in its high synth line, but the overall structure is again rather smooth and uneventful.

The package is rounded off by Alexis Tyrel’s remix of Lazy Monday, which offers up a fairly different vibe with squelchy low effect noises and a really rather loveable and quirky house groove that, for me, makes it the standout of the pack.

It’s a very casual pack of house tracks, with a confidence and a high production standard, but which seem to revel in their own lack of individuality.


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