Friday, July 10, 2020
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Proem: Until Here For Years

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Artist: Proem
Title: Until Here For Years
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: n5MD
Latest from long time IDM-ster Richard Bailey aka Proem delivers us his meticulous brand of robo-beat-glitch constructions since 1999, meaning he really is Until Here for Years. There are a lot of musical ideas and approaches Bailey expresses, track-to-track, but to this listener, Proem hits best when he is on the ambient-atmospheric tip. First track, best track, “Rectangle Snake” with its moody melody and serene atmospherics intertwine into an uplifting slice of listening bliss. The following, “Cuddle Buddy” despite the name, comes off as sinister dub step with faint eerie nymph vocals accompanied by mechanical rhythms and warbly laser synth tones that instill a futurist bent, while “False Hope” has a nice yet somewhat menacing groove, track paused mid way for producer to have a sip of tea and then resume on a more serious-intent. I do like Bailey’s whimsical production approach. “Stick To Music Snowflake” is another slice of ambient atmospheric intermission before “Until Here Robot” where playful melodies mingle with juggernaut beats and manic sugar-rush melodies. “Pine the Bear” however, starts with the sluggish drowsiness of a robot undergoing a boot sequence and system integrity check before getting into a skittering drum n’ bass sequence that fizzles out at the one-and-a-half minute mark, perhaps alternating programs, to then get into strutting beat and melody science with elaborate, ornate rhythm constructions as complex and intricate as a Swiss mechanical marvel. By contrast “Chain Reaction” seems more impishly mischievous with the up-tempo gait-rhythm, understated melody that seems to bolt off. “An Effort Was Made” is stark, sparse notes that warms up with optimism into a nice atmospheric IDM bit. “The Sad Underneath” bodes darker, plucky guitar-note IDM, swaggering deftly crafted martial arts cool IDM. “Kids that Hate Live Things” is a favoured melodic IDM piece here, playful and well-crafted with joy laden overtones, cheerier melodies and a gorgeous balance of beat and melody. “Your Bones Back Together” caps the album with all to brief yet enjoyable vaguely melancholic and whimsical IDM. Until Here for Years, Elaborate, catchy IDM and emotionally evocative, Bailey continues to deliver, giving us the goods that tug at the heart strings and bumps the rump. Gorgeously produced IDM with a broad range of moods and a stream of textures a music filled with percussive consonants, shimmering, atmospheric vowels, that spells out deep and moving emotion.


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