Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Flaub: Stratocode From Nowhere

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Artist: Flaub
Title: Stratocode From Nowhere
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Electronic experimentalist Flaub is internationally well-travelled, taking his one-man analogue sound performances all over the world. “Stratosphere From Nowhere” is an album that has something of a live improvised feel about it at times, recalling some of Tangerine Dream’s more freeform live work but with more impulsiveness and less structure.

Layers of squeaks, bleeps, sine waves, pulses and crisp-edged rumbles ebb and fade, painting textured landscapes- sometimes quite thick, like in the opening title track, or sometimes sparser, such as in the gradual builds of “Ignis Fatuus”. There are strong shades of retro analogue tone that recalls 60’s avantgarde or Radiophonic work- especially in the bubbly and squelchy “Warbling Static”, which breaks into multiple chapters like a sci-fi soundtrack suite. But to a lesser extent it also has that modern, sharp-edged arhythmic glitchy and digital tone at times.

The track that really held my attention was “Stationary waves”, thanks to a high level of dynamism, with the volume of the whole piece fading and rising, sometimes quite sharply, while the pulses also rise and fall- waves upon waves, sometimes tense, sometimes more relaxed, with added percussive echoes and low industrial tones to boot. It’s the track with the most character of the set.

It’s a strong piece of modular experimentation, and while it does feel like it revels in the past rather than pushing anything forward, it’s still a very worthwhile 40-minute listen for any lovers of dark freeform electronics.


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