Saturday, August 8, 2020
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New Tendencies: Batch0008

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Artist: New Tendencies
Title: Batch0008
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: SM-LL
After either investing in or expanding his Serge synthesizer system- which Googling tells me is neither small, nor cheap- Matt Nish-Lapidus will get some of his return back through Batch0008 by turning his learning curve experiments in patch programming and modular tinkering into a half-hour-long digital and 12” release.

The relatively shapeless “Signals” segues into the more structured “Not Insulated”, a solid exercise in low-bit-rate techno-light with a slowly shifting, almost simulation-steam-train like percussive crispness that gets more intriguing as the counter-rhythms start to shift and pull against each other towards the end. Halfway through “Steps” we meet a slightly edgier sawtoothed sound that initially feels like it may be building to something, but doesn’t. The nicely purist pulses and clicks of “Adapt” are rather refreshing.

An interesting exercise in fairly stripped back, analogue modular synthesizer routines, it does work well as a mini-album, but perhaps lacks the carefully crafted edge that would have lifted it above an exhibition of how nice this particular modular synthesizer sounds.


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