Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Jibóia: OOOO

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Artist: Jibóia
Title: OOOO
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Discrepant
Óscar Silva’s Jibóia project reaches its fourth album, and SIlve is joined by Ricardo Martins and André Pinto. Although the concept behind it is described in relatively high-art terms, referencing Pythagoras’ Musica Univeralis and the limbo between fiction and reality, what you actually get on record is the sound of a free jazz trio enjoying themselves and wigging out in a moderately disciplined manner. The musicality and the production quality is top-notch but this is is a release that recalls the music of the ‘70s more than it cuts any edges.

The first side contains the atmospheric opener “Diapason”, then the much more upbeat and waving-your-arms-about-friendly “Diapente” that reminds me of Silver Apples. That comparison holds firm for “Diatesseron”, where the long sustained melodic high notes give a more alarmist feel.

The second side is given over to single 16-minute track “Topos” which has a more journeyman structure to it and just a faint dose of what you might label funk or groove, as well as a tonality that is just a shade more Eastern.

Forty or fifty years ago a release like this would have praised to the skies by jazz and Floyd fans, though they may have found it too upbeat for late-at-night horizontal listening; as it is, it stands sounding more like a tribute piece, but at the same time, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that and it’s a fresh and bright-sounding bit of work from the rockier side of jazz.