Friday, June 5, 2020
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Mose: Film Musik

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Artist: Mose
Title: Film Musik
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Klangbad
Not actually music from films, but more of a calling card 26-track sampler demonstrating what the five-piece Mose could come up with if ever asked to soundtrack a film, Film Musik is a collection of almost-always-instrumental musical vignettes. The source instrumentation is bluesy, rootsy guitar plucking and acoustic work with shades of jazz, that often sits quite comfortably in instrumental song and ballad territory (“uberland”, “fatigue”, the two “monolog” tracks). At other times there’s a more ambient and atmospheric approach where elements are allowed to meander more casually (“pause sucree”, “triptychon”, “perdu”, “am rand”).

In either case it’s consistently melancholic and downtempo, brooding slow motion material that does seem so spacious that it shows a deliberate intent to leave space for visuals.

The brief arrival of vocals on “molto prestuoso” is a welcome new element but doesn’t shake proceedings up at all, keeping things strictly bluesy. “Fallsucht” is a notable highlight, adopting a more heartbeat-esque pulsing groove that is a real foot-tapper.

Somewhere out there there’s a director or editor making a moody, introspective road movie that contrasts inner turmoil against beautiful landscapes, and this is the soundtrack they haven’t yet realised they need.