Friday, July 10, 2020
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2methyl: Etched

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Artist: 2methyl (@)
Title: Etched
Format: CD + Download
Label: Agnost1k Records (@)
Rated: *****
Once again delving into the pile Mr. Urselli couldn't get to with 2methyl's 'Etched' released on the Agnost1k label in June 2017. 2methyl is French music producer Nicolas Druoton whose first full album release was 'Layer 8' on the Ad Noiseam label in 2015. 2methyl has had his fingers in numerous remix pies over the years so he certainly knows his way around the gear. 2methyl's style is a mix of of dark d'n'b, IDM, moody industrialism, dubstep, and noir downtempo. (Think of a gloomy and sinister Amon Tobin.) 2methy's music on 'Etched' largely relies on creative percussion/rhythm programming with twisted futuristic synths and atmospheres woven between the beats. Some of those beats are supplied by drummer Youle. For the most part 'Etched' is quite sci-fi sounding without resorting to overdone cliches. It's also not very predictable, and the multilayering 2methyl employs adds a sense of depth often lacking in primarily instrumental albums of this type. When I say primarily instrumental, I have to mention one track- "Cross" with vocals from the L.A. noise rap group Moodie Black's Kdeath. I just don't like rap, and this track is not going to change my mind about it. Rather than dwell on that though, I will say that 'Etched' is one helluva delicious album that tears through a variety apocalyptic moods and scenes, often wild and chaotic but never completely jumping off the cliff. Now here's the rub- 2methyl and Agnost1k have decided to release the CD in a limited (50 copies) edition in a handcrafted box. That's going to set you back some $$ though at 28 Euros or more. For the budget-minded, the digital download price of 11E is a bit more affordable.


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