Friday, June 5, 2020
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Guilt: Guilt

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Artist: Guilt
Title: Guilt
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Medical Records
Oliver Chapoy and Nathaniel Young, working together as Guilt, have put together a self-titled EP of fairly dark instrumental techno with elements of industrial relentless and just a slightest shades of elements taken from the underbelly of synthwave.

Lead track “We Thought We Were”, with its processed vocals as fills, is at times reminiscent of Josh Wink on an angry day. Both “Cult Leader Of My Youth” and “Demiurge” carry on in a similar vein, thicker kicks underpinning mesmeric, gradually twisting short synth patterns that are at times slightly Underworld-esque, at other points relentless like the first CNSNNT release, decorated with occasional spoken-word noises for added texture.

The Løt.te Deception mix of the lead track doesn’t fall far from the tree, with a slight increase in staccato urgency and a more pneumatic percussion but staying firmly in the centre of the same ballpark.

It’s a purposeful techno 12” which rolls well but doesn’t harbour any real surprises or highlights.