Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: Phaedrus
Title: Game Of Tones
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Transfusions (Medical Records)
Seattle-based Joris Kamma’s new EP has a clear and simple vision- classic-sounding minimal techno in its purest form. Steady kicks and short percussive patterns do their work underneath two-note analogue-sounding synth lines while filters and knobs get slowly twiddled to twist each track gradually for six minutes a pop. No shocks, no sudden movements, just steady rhythm-and-synth exercises aimed at your feet. And provided the mood is right, it’s a total success.

There’s enough variation between tracks to give each a slightly different texture, but everything’s in the same ballpark. “Bender’s Game” puts the attention on the (appropriately slightly bendy) lightweight synth sounds. “Encyclopod” has a little more attitude, with some nice muted-explosion-as-cymbal effects. “Violet Dwarf Star” ups the squeaky bleep factor and “Xenotaph 3” adopts a slightly harder, somehow more American tone with backwards FX, thumpier kicks and crispy noise-based snares.

It’s a nicely focused bit of well-made minimal techno with nothing up its sleeve.