Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Huminoida: The Grey Area

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Artist: Huminoida
Title: The Grey Area
Format: CD
Label: Out Of Range Records
Rated: *****
Arriving four years after the previous release titled "Intoxicating Spring", "The Grey Area" is the newest album by Finnish synth electronic project Huminoida. Containing nine new tracks, the album is focused on the dark synthpop side of Kimmo Karjalainen and if "Intoxicating Spring" contained also some powerful upbeat tracks, this one doesn't as most of them are mid-tempo songs where Kimmo's vocals are upfront and the synths are creating the right ambience for his lyrics. Released on CD, vinyl plus CD and digital, "The Grey Area" is a very personal album where music is an outlet for Kimmo's feelings and thoughts. As stated on the presentation leaflet, the last years have been difficult for Kimmo and these songs are just reflecting that. I received the CD to review and it is housed into a beautiful package which is including a 7" twelve pages booklet with all the lyrics and some photos. As represented by the cover, Huminoida is transforming ideas into something else and ideally these songs are the butterflies flying away from his brain, just to be able to show their beautiful colors to people and, hopefully, live longer than a butterfly. Lyrics, like the ones of the opening track "Thoughts Like Insects", are setting the theme of the whole album, where Kimmo is writing down all his bitter experiences: "The little things I've loved in life are now in decline / Many values I've admired are being despised / And the things made just for fun are denounced unproductive - and that's a big no-no!". In balance from 80's/90's synthpop and new wave, "The Grey Area" is a nice collection of songs and for sure it's worth your attention. You can check it here https://huminoida.bandcamp.com/album/the-grey-area-2 and you can make you tempt by the gorgeous orange vinyl edition.


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