Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Kamran Ince (@)
Title: Passion and Dreams
Format: CD
Label: Innova (@)
According to the liner notes, Kamran Ince is a Turkish American composer who holds a doctorate from Eastman School of Music, and his works have been performed by the likes of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The pedigree is certainly here, but I am not reviewing for the New York Times; this is Chain DLK, so we’re generally looking at experimental music, and this is the standpoint from which I must write my review. That said, let’s see what we have here. “Dreamlines,” kicks this off, and opens with chanting and a middle eastern vibe. Not bad, but pretty straightforward. “Zamboturfidir” provides our first hint at hint of experimental music, as piano lines tumble all over themselves with a sense of controlled chaos. But this is not pure improvisation, as the seventh movement illustrates, with its tightly controlled syncopated rhythms, which the entire group plays in lockstep. “Fortuna Sepio Nos” likewise has a good energy, but nothing that pushes the envelope. My wife thought that “Partita in E” sounded vaguely Celtic. “Two Step Passion” brings it full circle with a middle eastern inflected dance number. If you like classical with a world music feel, this may be of interest to you. This album weighs in at around 80 minutes.


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