Friday, September 25, 2020
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Mirt / Ter: Bacchus Where Are You?

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Artist: Mirt / Ter
Title: Bacchus Where Are You?
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Monotype Records
Bacchus Where Are You? comprises five long slices of studio-based improvised electronica from an enigmatic Polish duo who use modular synths to generate slowly evolving, gently rhythmic ambiences full of breathy noises, clicks, and soft pads. It’s valid that they describe their work as “post-ambient techno”, but it also harks back to early 90’s trance (“proper trance” I’ll admit to being very fond of), and the sounds of Rising High Records or some of the less organic early Future Sound Of London tracks.

“Morphing” is genuinely beautiful if you’re in the right mood, broad and atmospheric. Second track “Bacchus Theme” is a bit more techno-minded, still lightweight but less progressive and with shorter edgier loops. This mood continues fairly seamlessly into the slightly washier “Disaster Reworked”.

Things reboot a little for “Wooden Object” which has subtle shades of Global Communication’s “76:14” about it, or a mellower version of CNSNNT’s “Z”. Dubbier electronic wubbles towards the end draw obvious but unavoidable comparisons to The Orb’s more stripped-back sound. Things are wrapped up with “Holographic” which, with its more percussive and sparse synth key presses, seems to want to travel slightly further back in time and become a Tangerine Dream track.

It’s an extended, deep but soft-edged journey along the line where sounds can be almost-ambient but also almost-techno, where consistency is a bonus and familiarity is an effect. It’s only in some of the production details that it’s cutting edge, but its sonic approach otherwise manages to be more ‘timeless’ than ‘dated’. It’s sincere and completely successful and one of the most satisfying all-round album listens I’ve experienced in some time. I’ve used comparisons to some of my favourite artists above and it’s intended as high praise.


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