Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Shit And Shine
Title: Some People Really Know How To Live
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Editions Mego
The Texas-based Shit and Shine offer up ten succinct slices of messed-up twisty beats with a crisp lo-fi tone, and plenty of glitches and speed ramps mixing up proceedings over some steady grooves that are cousins to something very dancefloor-friendly. Short but broadly techno-structured tracks are the biscuit base for a bunch of experimental tweaks but a playful tone.

“Dish 2 Dish” at times sounds like Josh Wink on helium. “Lil’ Wannabe Gangsta” slows things down with one of those hip-hop samples that glitch artists love to tweak. “South Padre Low Life” sounds akin to an 8-bit racing game chiptune soundtrack where the samples have been corrupted, in a good way. “Raining Horses” turns the sound of a man in pain into a percussive crash.

Yet despite all of this, it’s not quite as thoroughly silly as the title and artwork might have you believe. There are more straight-laced tunes as well, such as “Girl Close Your Eyes” with a bassline that invokes memories of Soul Mekanik. “Notified” is a serious heavy-stepper with a lovely bouncy wubb wubb wubb to it.

It’s a diddy little package of glitchy instrumental house, with a cover that looks like CBBC’s Hacker T Dog character has gone rogue. It was clearly a bunch of fun to put together and there’s plenty of energy in it. It’s perhaps short of a stand-out moment or two that would make this shit really shine, but if you like your house music super-quirky and laden with glitch, check this one out.


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