Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Hlukar
Title: Unspoken Misanthropic Narrator
Format: CD
Label: Urbsounds (@)
Rated: *****
From Bratislava, Slovakia comes this release by Hlukar titled 'Unspoken Misanthropic Narrator'. The accompanying one-sheet was vague and broad to say the least so I have no idea who is behind Hlukar, whether they have any previous releases etc. First you have to admit that 'Unspoken Misanthropic Narrator' has a strange and interesting cover, sort of alien-organic. Track tiles are intriguing as well - "Innsmouthan Necrofunk," "Satanic Colostomy of the Unholy Ulnar Nerve," "Dethroned Demonic Mass Hiding in the Closet," etc., etc. So...what does it sound like you ask. Well, the simple answer is instrumental experimental electronics. There is a lot of analogue synth, wild oscillations, and things of that nature. Some tracks have a rhythmic base, and some don't but rhythms incorporated don't dominate. Sometimes this stuff can get noisy but I wouldn't call it noise per se. Abstract and often dense, Hlukar's music can often fill up your head to the point of overload. There'; one track - "Deathstroke of the Funeral Pyre" that sounds like a dozen pairs of tennis shoes thumping around in a dryer (Maybe somebody should actually sample that...then send me the results) looped with electronic birds. As creative as Hlukar often is on much of this album, it gets wearisome after a while, so you will either need a good amount of stamina, or a lot of tolerance, even though it is only a little over 30 minutes. Still, if you love atonal non-melodic noisy experimental electronics that is neither light nor dark, you will probably like this.


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