Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Music Reviews

Artist: NNT
Title: C:/My Documents/MyMusic
Format: CD
Label: Capp Records (@)
This CD is the most schizophrenic album I listened recently, for sure! The twenty two tracks of so called "breakz / elektro / experimental" music are full of inventiveness and freshness and are capable of catch your attention in a second. Each track seems to have been composed by a deranged robot while he was trying to perform "Radioactivity" being on acid. Also the r'n'r reverbered/distorted guitar on some tracks plays slowed goth/surf tunes while electro bleeps jumps here and there. It's a shame I haven't got any news about the guy who did all this and also his webpages at and aren't reachable: it's a total mistery. Listening to "C/My Documents / My Music" it's like to listen to the whole Warp records discography pouring out of a blender having a genial cowboy as barman. Give a listen to this one if you are searching for new stimulating weird delicatessen.

Title: The Tears Of Things
Format: CD
Label: Somnimage (@)
Has been a pleasure for me to listen to this CD. You know, I studied piano when I was nine for five years and that has been useful to play my own composition later. Well, when I listened to THE TEARS OF THINGS I felt the same sensations of when I was into a dark room playing my piano. Stauffer's composition are light and gentle but suddenly they goes epic (like the second track "Imaginosis" which remembered me the soundtrack of the video game Warcraft) just to explore different atmospheres, where the piano is the main instrument while in the background synth pads write sinuous tunes which are capable to stop the time for fifty minutes. The tracks are someway linked one to the other and all of them are instrumentals. If you love Wim Mertens' music and you want something darker, try this one and let me know...

Artist: VV.AA.
Title: We're on the Planet (Commemoration of the Dead by Creepy Awesome Predacious Prelacy)
Format: CD
Label: Capp-Glaufx (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Greek label Creepy Awesome Predacious Prelacy's "Commemoration of the Dead - We're on the Planet" is a compilation CD with mainly local contributions of dark bands featuring The Narrator Mr. Cricket, Decadence, Ding An Sich (cmp review elsewhere on these pages), Into the Abyss (with two songs), Glaufx Garland (the main project on this label), Snowskyn, Density of State, Viridian Green (cmp review elsewhere on these pages), Alpha-Omega, Slow Motion and Cpinalonga. As I have no background info about this record, I don't know where the title originated from, but I have reason to believe (and hope) that all these people/bands ain't dead yet. The spectrum covered is wide and goes from long-pad synthetic soundscapes (The Narrator and the 14 minutes long "Sequent C" suite by Cpinalonga, offering ethnic, natural, acoustic, ritual and electronic sounds in a meditative frame); dark-folk songs in the vein of World Serpent or Kirlian Camera (Decadence, Into the Abyss); deep dark ritualistic sonorities (Ding An Sich, Glaufx, Slow Motion); my favourite three songs of the record, covering the experimental droning ambient-electro-industrial end of the spectrum (like with the murky Snowskyn composition or the great piece by Density of State sounding like :W: or the Viridian Green who here sound like a heavily pounding angry version of Dirk "Dive" Ivens meets Richard "Aphex" James); old-time dark-electronic material (Alpha-Omega). You've got it all here.

Artist: ALfa.P. (@)
Title: I think our Television is getting Bigger
Format: CD
Label: Capp-Glaufx (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Anthony.P, aka ALfa.P., is one of the leading electronic composers in Greece and as a matter of fact he is mainly known for his work as Stereo Nova. As I am not very familiar with his main project either, I cannot tell how the ALfa.P. is different, but my first approach with his music is prized by a positive impression. His electro-ambient music packs a lot of melody and beats into a unique blend of spacey and trippy atmospheric sounds grounded on minimal electronic rhythmical structures. Vocal samples of radio communications with the Shuttle, thin synthetic layers and lovely slim sounds color the playful palette of down to earth beat patterns that remind of Aphex's "Selected Ambient Works" and other innovative English music of the same kind. Ethereal, cosmic, relaxing, beautiful and soft. Sit down and chill out with this greatly enjoyable plate of delicate sounds and calm ambience... This was a truly pleasurable discovery: highly modern sounds from a country with one of the most ancient cultures in humanity.

Artist: Artemiy Artemiev & Karda Estra
Title: Equilibrium
Format: CD
Label: Electroshock (@)
Distributor: Gamma-Shop, (NL), Cue (D), (US), (US), Marquee (JP)
At the time of writing this is the latest of Artemiy's and Electroshock's releases. The prolific Russian has teamed up one more time to bring us the gift of collaborative sound experiments. The signature of English trio Karda Estra reads as ghostly woodwind arrangements, loops and quite gloomy sonic environments. I can't hardly localize Artemiev's style really, proof that his experiences and his eclectic background allows him to get deeply involved in the vibe becoming one with what is being done; not that we needed proof of his abilities, but it helps to understand what "Equilibrium" sounds like, because the only thing here you can really trace back to Artemiev, I think, is the Siberian coldness. I never had the pleasure to listen to a Karda Estra work, so I don't know if they usually are that murky, but the instrumentation they use definitely allows for some really interesting combination of influences: electric guitar, bass, keyboards, acoustic percussions, vocals, woodwind, oboe, cor anglais (english horn), breathing loops and other loops. Clearly the band has contributed a lot of this to these spatial overtones to "Equilibrium": epic background layers made of vaporous loops and looooooong mono-tone low-key sound-floors dotted by hidden percussive beats of a peaceful and slow pace; cymbal washes, soft bass lines; delicate, dressy and heavily effected guitar parts (think chorus, delays, reverb) that duel with recurring synthetic lines making for a progressive break; and last but not least floating wind/wood/breath instrument solos and formless vocal material that aids the ethereal cloudiness sweetly. Sometimes it almost sounds like older Pink Floyd suites, and the slowly drifting flow of psychedelia and new-age trippiness contributes to a frame that knows no time and not barriers. Another band I thought of was NYC's Zoar, but I am sure you can come up with a lot more bands to reference this sound to. Richly mysterious and beautifully powerful as in some of the best hypnotizing electro-acoustic ambient around.


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