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The Legendary Pink Dots: 1 December 2004

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Live Act(s): The Legendary Pink Dots
Event Date: 1 December 2004
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Wagenmeisterei
Rated: *****
The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS in concert is a memorably unique experience. I had the chance and the pleasure to see them for the first time in Basel, Switzerland recently and really enjoyed the performance. It was a small venue, but the LPD played it like it was the biggest concert hall. The music was bombastic. There were times during the show when it seemed there were a dozen people on stage - the sound was so rich and full and intense and LOUD! At times my pants legs were bouncing around my ankles, and I had to blink and re-check the stage and re-realize there were only 4 guys making all that sound. Edward Ka-Spel is the consummate lead man. He sings with such passion and style - those lyrics are his, and you feel it - at times not only singing the song, but becoming the song. He is always surprising you - sometimes the music is being played very softly in the background and he suddenly SCREAMS at you, other times, the music is swelling louder and louder and he... whispers. Confusing your senses, always keeping you on the alert... what's next?!?Everyone did their exceptional parts: Erik Drost (guitar) Phil Knight (Keyboardist) Niels Van Hoorn (wind instruments) – the last of whom plays two 2 wind instruments simultaneously. On two occasions even leaving the stage and walking amongst the audience wearing a pair of lighted spectacles, blowing his horn at several different people, some of whom were shocked, most of whom were extremely pleased. During one long, captivating song Edward acted out like a character from a play and it was like being finely woven into some rich fabric of storytelling. Their finale was amazing, stretching on and on, it could have gone forever. And they were still gracious enough to come back for 3 highly demanded encores.After the show all the members of the band walked around and spoke with their fans, completely casual and unaffected. For those of you are lucky enough to be see the LEGENDARY PINK DOTS in concert, I urge you to do so. If you are not already a fan, you will be. If you are already a fan, you will love them even more.


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