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VNV Nation: 17 December 2009

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Live Act(s): VNV Nation
Event Date: 17 December 2009
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Progresja
Rated: *****
"Thank you for coming despite the bad weather. We'll warm you up". With this words, Ronan Harris of VNV Nation welcomed fans, as it was heavily snowing in Warsaw.
Soon, it turned out that the audience warmed up the band with their enthusiastic reactions and radiating energy. The gig consisted mostly of energetic, club track such as Chrome, but the band didn't forget about slower, emotional songs such as "Illusion". Harris seemed to be shocked with the enthusiasm of Polish fans, who cheered the band after every song. "Wow, you are amazing" said Ronan and he repeated it a few times. "This is why I love playing gigs in clubs. In such venues gather people with passion," he added.

The band was returning from Serbia and Croatia, where they sold almost all their merchandise. The leader of the band decided to give away left T-shirts and CDs from stage. "We have few items left, no point in selling it, so just take it" he said. The fans had gifts for the band too. Ronan said that he didn't drink beer because it was a waste of time. "It takes a few hours to drink five beers and you can have the same effect if you drink 3 vodkas. You can do it within 10 seconds though," he explained. He didn't need to repeat. Soon, he was served with cold vodka and there was no way back. He enjoyed his drink and the audience sang one of the traditional drinking songs.

The gig was amazing. Apparently, the key to success was interaction with audience. Actually, a setlist is of minor importance if you can chat with a band on stage, make them drink with you and, if you are lucky enough, receive a gift. Obviously, in the case of VNV Nation the technical side of the performance was impeccable too. Good quality of sound, nice selection of songs and decent duration of the concert proved that VNV Nation deserves prominent position on the futurepop scene.

It was the third VNV Nation gig in Poland and Ronan promised it wasn't their last visit. "We'll be back" he declared with emotion.
The concert deserves the highest note, not only because the excellent performance of the band itself, but also due to the awesome reaction of fans.


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