Monday, September 28, 2020
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Format: CD
Label: Apogee Recordings / The Ceiling (@)
Distributor: The Ceiling + Wreck Age
THis wonderful little CD packaged in a simple yet highly effective (and postage-friendly) pouch concists mainly of of older recordings, originally released on "The 731 Doorways" cassette, from The Ceiling (ex-DDT). One piece ("Sonic Recourse") was previously released on the "Xcreteria volume one" compilation tape, and another ("Basements") was released both on the "Anathemata" compilation tape and later as a re-worked version on the band's "A Grainy Shade Of Ambient" 12" EP. One piece ("Bubonic Horse") is previously unreleased.

Essentially, those who missed out on the limited print run of "The 731 Doorways" cassette can get up to speed with this CD, while those who were lucky enough to get a copy of the original tape will find that the sound quality as well as the "bonus material" on this CD is superior to that of the original cassette. Perhaps the mixing was performed slightly different, affecting thus the final sound.

CHRONIC REMORSE was Paul Verman and Jim DeJong. If I'm not mistaken, they both decided to release "studio" material after a few live performances which prooved the dynamic between the two was right. In any case, "The Short Wave Appreciation Society" offers the listener very eerie and dark oscillating sound waves, textures, and alot of noise processing and, yes, radio transmissions. A difficult listen but well rewarded with originality and energy. Much harsher when compared to the "A Grainy Shade Of Ambient" EP, yet the movement and audio texture push this release beyond the realm of pure harsh noise, yet will please fans of the later who are open-minded about their noise.


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