Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: People Like Us
Title: Abridged Too Far
Format: LP
Label: Discrepant (@)
Rated: *****
One of the funniest release that recently got pushed by the excellent Discrepant imprint comes from Vicki Bennett - the wise woman behind the moniker People Like Us -, whose sonic art is in between the collagism of plunderphonics masters like Negativland and that kind of cruelty you could expect in an imaginary nightmare where you find out that God is, in reality, the clown of McDonald. This release consolidated the amazing aesthetics she built over years by a plenty of radio broadcasts, releases on CD, DVD and vinyl, gallery exhibitions and online streaming, focused on amazing intersections of folk and popular sketches that she wisely uses like patterns to be knitted in a way that triggers memories or deeper (sometimes hazy or even gloomier) thoughts. The collages by which Discrepant filled "Abridged Too Far" tend to focus and give voice to the sardonically hilarious side of her production, so that your daydreaming while listening could be crowded by nihilist hypnotists coming to a sermon in between Swiss cows ("Nothing"), merry celebrations between bizarre freaks and former members of sinister carnivals and drunk yodelers ("The Doody Waltz") or those same yodelers being chased by exasperated gunslingers ("Abridged Too Far"), alien baby monsters born after a romantic night by Frank Sinatra (singing "I've Got You Under My Sing" some seconds before spreading his seed) and Doris Day (singing "Que Sera Sera" after she got pleased) whose crying results into a messy jumble of Hawaiian sonorities and salsa/rumba rumbling ("I've Got You"), a bug in the firmware of HAL9000 following the conversion into mp3 of old Dolly Parton's tunes ("Dolly Pardon"), really funny music-driven controls at the gate of some imaginary airport ("Nobody Does") and many more. Focus on the amusing details Vicki used to stitch in his collages, and you'll understand why people like her are so rare and precious for contemporary music! Highly recommended!


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