Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: Jonas Kesper Jensen
Title: Layers Of Bridges
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Clang
Layers Of Bridges is a set of barren computer-generated sonic landscapes. It’s a relatively established arrangement of digital hums and unnaturally long reverbs, counter-playing tones and wave synthesis. While the track names have an architectural theme, sonically this is open, near-empty space.

Each of the seven tracks is exactly 5:30, and most fade in and out, as though each environment is infinite but 330 seconds is the permitted visiting time. Each environment is relatively static- there’s a faint degree of evolution within pieces like “Thru Arch” but for the most part it’s eventless.

“Stay Girder” opens with a repeating piano note that suggests the arrival of new structure, but the reverb and layering soon degenerates the note into a sonic bath that fits the rest of the pieces; imagine “I Am Sitting In A Room” based on a single piano note rather than the spoken word.

The exception to this format is the fifth track “Culvert”, which is a discordant and unsettling loop of electronics with a tense throbbing bass tone. Were it not for this track, and perhaps the distant drilling sound of “Channel Beam”, this release would be going on my ‘music to sleep to’ playlists, but this track is an anachronistic wake-up call.

As a complete work it does fall a little short of distinctive flavour or character but as a surprisingly soporific collection of rigidly prescribed hum soundscapes, it mostly works very well.


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