Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Radio Free Clear Light (@)
Title: In The Company Of The White Rabbit
Format: CD
Label: Black Note Music (@)
Rated: *****
Records like this one by San Francisco-based collective Radio Free Clear Light could get matched to those rare visitations by some supposed shamans or hippie veterans, whose magical potions (or poisons, depending on dosages) manage to liberate (or intoxicate, depending on dosages again) the entire community of an unknown village. "One might call it music", they say in the opening words about this enjoyable release. If we don't have to label as music, I guess we had to consider this unidentified strange round object (one might call it cd) as a sort of divinatory instrument to reach the enlightenment or maybe tear Maya's veil to shreds. And yet it sounds like something musical. I'd rather say that the similarities of the audible entities quote higher standards of electronic, post-rock and ambient trance music, particularly of the late 90ies, and all those resemblances could have been persuaded some reviewer to introduce them as Future Sound of San Francisco by establishing an imaginary bridge to Future Sound Of London, due to the psychedelic vibing of its sound. Some of the similarities/influences - Matmos, Jim O'Rourke, Supersilent... I honestly don't catch too many resemblances against Autechre they included in the "sounding-like" list - are quoted by themselves, other ones - maybe less known - could be easily deducted if you know some unknown underground blossoms of that period. For instance some similar sonorities that almost immediately to my mind are the ones by ATOI - Ambient Temple Of Imagination, another San Francisco-based collective project, founded in 1992 by Richard Sun and Seofun (melting ambient-trance, therapy music and that vague sense of transversality, close to be socially critical stings...) or the entrancing tribal-ambient by Jorge Reyes, but I wouldn't sayRadio Free Clear Light are a collective of plagiarists! There's a remarkable degree of stylistic heterogeneity (including the swirling lukewarm beat of "Underlying Macro Narrative", the hyperbolic clap-driven movement of "Change The Course", the hypnotical tribalism of "Children Of The Most Arcane" or the abstract blurring of piano sketches and oriental nuances in tracks like "In These Places" or "Undifferentiated Particles"), but there are some recursive items: besides the psychedelic halo wreathing the whole album, Radio Free Clear Light often uses inverted sounds, stereo effects based on rapid channel switching, catchy heavily distorted or gently reverberated female vocals, piercing theremin-driven oscillations and muffled bleeps. It's what the white rabbit would insert in your car stereo if you had to ride for miles to reach the Queen of Hearts on time.


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