Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: C.D. + Lens Cleaner
Format: 12"
Label: THE CEILING (@)
This odd vinyl record LP comes courtesy of THE CEILING records, one of Canada's buisiest and more interesting independant electronic-oriented labels. The LENS CLEANER TRIO is Jose Marchi on guitars, Marcelo Aguirre on drums and voices, and finally C.D. who provided the synthesis and montage for this release.

"C.D. + Lens Cleaner" is a very different and hard to categorise release, even for a label as diverse as THE CEILING. As far as this reviewer's ears can make out, live improvised sessions were first recorded, then heavily processed and mixed in the studio, creating thus a very experimental and electronic-sounding record, even if the main instrumentation consists of drums and guitar. Perhaps the best and generally safest way to describe this record is a very heavily 70s space-rock influenced record which also plunges head first in today's modern noise and illbient textures.

There are portions of this release which are stronger than others, but if the weak spots are indeed making themselves present, they usually don't last for very long. My personnaly favorite moment is somewhere towards the middle-end of the second side, where a very dense yet relaxing atmopheric wall is created and manipulated.

Printed on black vinyl and with a total playing time of about 35-40 minutes, this release is sure to please folks looking for something different and unclasifyable.