Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Golden Diskó Ship
Title: Imaginary Boys
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Karlrecords (@)
Imaginary Boys is the third album from Theresa Stroetges under her Golden Disko Ship alias. The classically trained viola player uses her traditional instruments and voice as just two layers in a complex mash-up of slow instrumental synthpop and electronica with a decidedly quirky and rather playful collection of bleeps, chords and loops, over rolling clean bass tones and with guest appearances from indie guitars.

The whole album is mixed by Schneider TM, and if you squint your ears you could believe the whole thing is a mellow, slightly more ethnic Schneider TM mini-album- some of the steady, faintly chiptune-like rhythm programming and rubbery bass could easily have been Dirk Dresselhaus’, particularly in elements like the shifting rhythm pitches of “Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village”.

There’s a fairly wide range of tempos and moods here- while opener “Flaming Flamingo” is a rather casual hello, it’s followed by the more chase-music groove of “Pacific Trash Vortex” which sounds like a disassembled prototype of a mathematically-generated pop song. The verse-chorus-ish alt-pop of songs like “Wrong Beach” will appeal to fans of The Knife, or Roisin Murphy’s weirder moments, while the closer “Lifelike Showdown” wanders confidently into Tangerine Dream territory and blends in some choral-ish chanting and brass for a powerful and unique finale.

It’s got a lovely warm tone throughout, and while song titles like “Swarm Of Bees” might imply an abrasive and uncomfortable listen, it’s absolutely anything but. There’s a relaxed and casual playfulness and a rich chillout vein to it. A sterling bit of alt-pop with the emphasis on the alt and definitely worth a listen.