Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: KLAB (phonorecord)
Format: 12"
Distributor: THE CEILING
Those who have followed the evolution of the defunct Canadian label DOOMSDAY TRANSMISSIONS will most probably already be familiar with both THE INFANT CYCLE and DRONAEMENT. Even after DDT became THE CEILING records, one could just as easily accept older catalogue items to familiarise themselves with the sound.

"KLAB (phonorecord)" is a split release for both projects, as well as each project's respective label. Don't think there is any kind of studio intervention here preventing the bands from releasing their true sonic art. In fact, "KLAB (phonorecord)" is quite a treat to folks who may or may not be fans of either labels/projects.

The first side of this vinyl LP features the main sounds of DRONAEMENT (Marcus Murkes), with some added material by TIC (Jim DeJong). The two long tracks on this side ("ER-9 Noise Transmission.wav" and "33 1/3 rpm Acoustic Transmission.wav") flow easily and indiscernably into one another, creating thus a 20 minute audio soundscape of soft-like and textured digital ambience, with some semblance of rhythms poking in here and there for good measure. Perfect late night sleep when there's not too many other noises happening in the vicinity.

Side two is credited to THE INFANT CYCLE, yet the line-up also prominently features DRONAEMENT contributing as much sound sources as TIC. "I-Meant-A-Drone.pop" features more hazy smoke-filled audio soundscaping, but a cut-up funk beat gets the foreground. This repetitive and somewhat hypnotic rhythm is apparently crafted from "manually altered vinyl", which brings to mind what these "D.J."s in club and hip-hop music are supposed to do... except there is nothing DJ or hip-hop about this piece, and the final result is another late-night jam listening experience, but with a bit more beat to keep thing moving.

If you have access to a vinyl/record player and can play it without having too many interuptions, this release is a winner, with top-notch production and great sound quality. Printed on clear vinyl.