Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Cafeina Kid: NEKO

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Artist: Cafeina Kid
Title: NEKO
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Pueblo Nuevo (@)
Distributor: Archive.org
Deftly crafted IDM glitchno, Neko is sometimes Alvin and the Chipmunks on the slow-jam tip with glitch/IDM beats; other times it is deep, dubby techno that recalls Swayzak; it is the finer moments of Phonem and early Autechre but with sexy melodies and atmosphere sprinkled with chip-tune accents and more. The production notes on Neko indicate that the album started off as instrumental pieces subsequently cut-up into Franken-tracks, or perhaps the bride of Franken-tracks as they are nuttily put back together, but in a lovely way. Neko is rich in textures, from the instrumentals of the source material, to vocal samples that inhale helium balloons, then cut up and further distorted into Picasso-style fun, to drum machine rhythms accompanied by chip tune beats and lush keyboard melodies. Some stand-out tracks include “Conclusion parcial: cascada inversa”, “Estado del arte: Barco-Inercia”, and especially “Estado del arte: Kid Perro”. “Conclusion parcial: cascada inversa” is a heady bit of atmospheric electronic jazz that flows with the infatuation soaked dreaminess of a perfect date while “Estado del arte: Barco-Inercia” starts off with austere beats before the Swazak-esque dubby elements roll in like a romantic fog out of a classic movie while vestiges of vocals intermingle with spritely keyboard melodies. The golden track is “Estado del arte: Kid Perro” which is glitch-jazz with catchy bass lines, shimmering keyboard melodies, rich-layered rhythms and an overall mood of gradually unfurling euphoria that inspire repeated listens. Cafeina Kid is Pablo Cornejo, a Chilean artist who shows both his zany and charming side on a winsome album to be sure. Neko is available for free download on the Pueblo Nuevo net label in conjunction with Archive.org who adhere to the Creative Commons ethos. Music this good shouldn't come this cheap, download today!


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