Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: The Cruxshadows
Title: Frozen Embers
Format: CD
Label: Dancing Ferret (@)
This is an ep with a new single called "Winter Born (This Sacrifice) and acoustic version from their new release "Ethernaut" and feature remixes of some tracks from their 2002 prior release "Wishfire." It includes a couple of different versions of "Return (Coming Home)" by other artists who did their own re-making of the track such as Assemblage 23, Tenebrous an Dreamside. While Future Bible Heroes did a remix for "Go Away" which have a beautiful melancholic synthetic feel that goes along with Rachel's violin melody. The original version of "Deception" from The Succubus Club, A Soundtrack to: Vampire the Masquerade appears on disc. Two extra tracks that's b-side can be hear; "Dance Floor Metaphor" and "Sinking." There are 13 songs and 69 minutes of gothic tunes with some ebm beats. The Cruxshadows is a band that's one of a kind and a innovator that have gained alot of success and fans from around the world throughout the USA to Europe. They will make history in the underground gothic and music scene.


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