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Artist: Weingarten - Charlton (@)
Title: Where There is Light
Format: CD
Label: Spotted Peccary Music (@)
Rated: *****
Now this is something- a collaboration between guitarist Carl Weingarten and (Steinway) pianist Catherine Marie Charlton in an ambient excursion titled 'Where There is Light'. Not only a guitarist and a photographer but also the founder of Multiphase Records and the short-lived 80's band Delay Tactics, Weingarten employs acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, loops, delay and effects on this recording. Charlton has released numerous solo piano albums since 2000, some of them award-winning. If you're expecting this to sound like some Harold Budd/Robert Fripp collaboration it isn't exactly that, but in places you might be tempted to think so. For one thing, Weingarten's guitar style is different than Fripp's and more understated here. Charlton's piano is more impactful and not gauzy and submerged like Budd's, yet much attention given to spatiality. There is also the addition of Windham Hill house bassist Michael Manring in places, a seasoned musician quite adept at this kind of collaboration who supports and fortifies the ambiance rather than detracts from it. Throughout the eight tracks on the album there is a pervasive aura of melancholy, but it's a beautiful sort of melancholy that puts one in a reflective mood. These artists seem to mesh perfectly combining their talents in an improvisational tapestry that is simultaneously unobtrusive yet engaging; a real delight to experience. I think this team will find much favor among electro-acoustic ambient enthusiasts and hopefully more will be forthcoming from them.

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