Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Cultural Amnesia
Title: Agile Business Practices
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Bleak
Exploring slightly tongue-in-cheek themes of corporate values and business-to-business presentation, not too dissimilar to S.I. Future’s “The Mission Statement” project, is a lyrical goldmine that feels ever so slightly under-used here. The branding certainly compensates for this, with a lyric booklet that strongly represents a PowerPoint presentation, and two accompanying video clips.

After the relatively pop-radio-edit form of opening track “Core Values”, “Eschatologyology” [sic], layering nonsensical business report dilemmas over a straightforward downtempo jazz groove with very slight hints of vocodered funk in the chorus vocal, is where the corporate concept works best. “On The Rocks” and “Baby Cheese” delve deeper into blues and noir, with the juxtaposition between emotional arrangement and careerist lyrical angst getting progressively sillier as things continue.

The promo video for “Core Values” is a neat, rather simplistic infographic-driven affair, primitive but watchable. “The Keynote” video is a weak point, an attempt to parody a business presentation video but sadly short of good jokes and, surprisingly, with very poorly recorded audio that makes some of it unintelligible.

Oh and yes, on the artwork, the title of the work is upside-down. This is not a reviewer’s error!