Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Artist: Phonothek
Title: Lost in Fog
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber
Rated: *****
Phonothek is a duo from Georgia whose vision of Dark Ambient is characterized by a sense of melody embodied by the use of real instruments as the trumpet, the most prominent used, shifting the focus of the track towards songs rather than soundscape. It's another example of how this attitude seems to be a vision of this label as other releases by Cryo Chamber shows this musical elements.
The initial drone of "Old Swings" covers a soundscape of small noises and evolve in a slow melody played by a trumpet. The intricate layers of sound at the core of "Last Train" reveals a sense of narrative that "She was in a Dream" confirms as the return of the trumpet marks the unity of musical development.
"Something Happened" oscillates between ambient and field recordings while "Heavy Thoughts" return to the form already displayed at the beginning of this release. The long notes of "Dancing with the Ghost" creates an atmosphere of tension which is almost resolved by "Clown is Dead" as its final part is vaguely reminiscent of some industrial influences with his martial drumming. "Lost in Fog" closes the circle of this release with the return of the trumpet and the sound of the bells which closes this release with a bunch of question.
Apart from the consideration that this release is based on a fistful of ideas which are reworked an almost all track, with vague sense of boredom toward the end of the listening, there's a sense of atmosphere and writing which generates the wish of another listening. Only for fans of the genre.