Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Ardan Bel
Title: Ganshi EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Redlight Music
Distributor: Dig Dis
This is a confident, assured and also quite relaxed package of leisurely tech-house instrumentals. Everything ticks along with an impressive amount of polish and grooves that could definitely be described as being on the smooth side. The basslines are long and straight, like a long cross-contintental drive. Wave your arms and let it wash over you, these are solid mid-set numbers that keep your feet moving without ever troubling you with any real highs or lows.

Things get more melodic and synth-heavy as it progresses, with title track "Ganshi" arguably a stronger and more memorable track than the opener "Aquilegia".

Ironically, since the EP is named after track 2 and it's track 1 that was given a remix as track 4, it's track 3 that's probably the stand-out of the bunch. "Mankib", with its mellow looping chords, is the poppiest number of the package and the one that seems to be most beginning out for a vocal. As the chords start getting higher and more anxious four minutes in, there's a sense of building tension which is otherwise absent from the laidback demeanour heard through the rest of the EP. Six minutes is your lot though- it drops off a cliff at the end, as if there were some law about making tech-house that reached the seven minute mark. The Liquid Mirror's remix of "Aquilegia" stays in the same ballpark, switching things around a little but staying fairly faithful to the overall mood.