Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Linus & Eingrad
Title: Traumfahrt EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Broque
Distributor: Broque
A traumfahrt is a journey, and in this release, the journey leads the dream. It's a collection of four gently progressive, atmospheric trance tracks, carefully controlled and measured, with the reverb-heavy, super-slow melodies providing the dream topping on a very sedate rhythmic ride. The melodies are strong, the shifts are gentle. As club music this would be more romantic than euphoric, but it's equally functional as a soundtrack to a train ride through rolling countryside.

The title track is a showcase for Celina de Torres' impressively pure, operatic vocal. It's a stand-out track and it's worth the price of admission for this track alone. It has more than a dose of "My Head Is A Jungle" about it, and definitely in a good way. The reprise version highlights how, with the right remix package, this track could get an awful lot of attention.

Celina de Torres' second appearance on "Der Turm" is not quite as enthralling but still leaves you thinking that Linus and Eingrad (actually only one man, Lienhard Hemme under an alias) should definitely be employing Celina's services on a regular basis in the future. The blend of her tone and 'their' (his) mellow motorik rhythms is a winning combination. Instrumentals "Mein Herz" and "Bremen" are very polished and tight, but faintly forgettable by comparison.

This is a pretty strong and consistent collection of tracks for rhythmic self-reflection.