Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Luminance Ratio (@)
Title: Honey Ant Dreaming
Format: 12"
Label: Alt-vinyl (@)
Rated: *****
Put in playback Nosferatu of Werner Herzog and then put silent the movie and play this masterpiece of a massive esoteric impact. The Luminance Ratio have the immense weight of Ammon Dull, Ash-Ra Temple and the psychedelic inpiration of Kraut Rock. Their music is in resonance with atavistic sounds and guitar researches not to mention electronic sounds in the wake of OTO vibes. This LP is a ultimate trip into an unknown we missed very much in these years, it is a tool to get out from this planet. Every tracks and performance is a fresh wind into a mysterious desert in which to listen the Al-Azif of Lovecraftian memoire. Their Strings are vibrating like the strings of quantum physics.The inspirations of the album comes from Papunya's aborigines but the final destination is far far in space and time. Only your ears can judge and immerse in this stargate shaped like a LP called "Honey ant dreaming".


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