Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Oliver Yorke (@)
Title: Helion/Kali
Format: 12"
Label: None60
Rated: *****
Following his exquisite "Into The Void" EP on Vandal Records at the beginning of 2015, West London-based producer Oliver Yorke - I introduced him on the occasion of a likewise good couple of tracks he released for Italian label Retrospective in 2013 - recently delivered a pair of tracks to Silent Dust's None60 imprint. His skill in handling patterns and bass-driven sonorities without being boring or excessively baroque in a somehow innovative way got highlighted in this output as well. Oliver squeezed a solarized catchy melody into a precisely cut cloud of drums and digital clicks in the opening tune "Helion", whose almost scientific approach to rhythm could vaguely resemble Photek. He decided to venture onto trap-tinged stylistic field on "Kali," where he manages to soak a grinding set of bass bumps and lo-hats into trapping webs of synth sounds, Atari-like buzzing tones and electro- hop's sonic hooks


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