Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Komora A (@)
Title: Crystal Dwarf
Format: CD
Label: Monotype Records (@)
Rated: *****
Ambient music got sometimes matched to a set of chilling frequencies and ways of escapism in between artificial pleasure and idyllic reverie, but as most of you know, there's a darker side of the genre that sometimes deserves attention. This trio of Polish sound scouts and improvisers made up of Dominik 'Wolfram' Kowalczyk (computer and electronics), Karol Kosniec (sampler) and Jakub Mikoajczyk (modular synthesizer) assembled something which gets closer to these obscure territories of ambient (and improvisational) music. Many moments on "Crystal Dwarf" are closer to some experimental music by David Toop, where a sound or a noise grabbed from "real" world seems to feed paranoid emotional drifts and obsessive thoughts to the point they become the first bricks of a personally built mental universe. In spite of the fact they mainly improvised, the rich sets of knob-twiddled sounds and highly textured bunches of microsounds intertwined to concrete sounds by Komora A seem to become metaphysical splinters surrounding the listener. The isolated beeps and the lengthened bells over separate thuds, burned electronic squeaks on the opening "Waking Up" could let you imagine the human-like awakening of a robot and its crescendo till the almost traumatic impact with the routinary reality and a sort of hidden "desire" of prolonging the sleep; the emulsion of hypnotic undertows from "real" sounds and its defacing on the specular long-lasting "Drone of Reality" and "Drone of Unreality" are just stages of an homogeneous amalgamation, where the medley of "Beat & Memories" and the mutant whirlpool of scratchy hisses, crackling beats and flickering slow inflammations of "Inscape Module" seem to be transitional stages of a coherent process that leads to the ecstatic "Escape", where the two above-sketched definitions of ambient music finds their only possible point of intersection.


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